100 Snack Ideas with 100 Calories

We are constantly on the run and without even noticing, were are suddenly starving and we grab the first food in sight. Most likely it is an unhealthy choice. Although fresh fruit, vegetables and handful of nuts are the healthiest options, here are some alternative snack ideas. 

But first remember…When choosing a packaged food item, check for these key things per serving:

  1. Contains les than 10 g of sugar
  2. Contains more than 3 g of fiber (natural fiber, not from resistant starch)
  3. Less than 3-5 g of fat

Snack Ideas With 100 Calories
(all items listed are approximately 100 calories, ±20 calories)

Almonds (3 tablespoons [Tbsp])
Apple, raw (1 medium)
Applesauce (½ cup [C])
Apricots, canned (6 halves)
Apricots, dried (10 halves)
Apricots, raw (6 medium)
Baked potato chips (1 ounce [oz])
Baked tortilla chips (½ oz) and hummus (2 Tbsp)
Baked tortilla chips (¾ oz) and salsa (¼ C)
Baked tortilla chips (1 oz)
Banana, raw (1 medium)
Bell pepper (1 each) and fat-free ranch dressing (3 Tbsp)
Bell pepper (1 each) and hummus (3 Tbsp)
Blueberries, raw (1 C)
Broccoli and cauliflower, raw (1 C) and fat-free ranch dressing (3 Tbsp)
Cantaloupe, raw pieces (2 C)
Carrots, baby (6 each) and hummus (3 Tbsp)
Carrots, baby (6 each) and lite cream cheese (2 Tbsp)
Carrots, baby (6 each) and peanut butter (2 teaspoons [tsp])
Carrots, baby (12 each) and fat-free ranch dressing (2 Tbsp)
Cashews (2 Tbsp)
Celery (1 stalk) and peanut butter (1 Tbsp)
Celery (1 stalk), lite cream cheese (2 Tbsp), and raisins (1 Tbsp)
Cheese (1 oz)
Cherries, canned in juice (¾ C)
Cherries, raw (20 each)
Chicken noodle soup (1 C)
Chocolate, dark (¾ oz)
Corn tortilla (1 each), lite shredded cheese (½ oz) and salsa (2 Tbsp)
Cottage cheese, low fat (½ C)
Crab, imitation (2 oz) and cocktail sauce (2 Tbsp)
Cranberries, dried (¼ C)
Dates, dried (5 each)
Edamame, boiled (⅓ C)
Egg, hard boiled (1 large)
Flatbread crackers (1 oz)
Frozen yogurt, lite (½ C)
Fruit cocktail, canned in juice (1 C)
Graham crackers (3 squares)
Graham crackers (2 squares) and peanut butter (1 tsp)
Graham crackers (2 squares), lite cream cheese (2 tsp), and strawberry jam (2 tsp)
Granola bar, crunchy (1 each)
Grapefruit, canned in juice (1 C)
Grapefruit, raw (1 medium)
Grapes, seedless (2 C)
Guava, raw (2 medium)
Ham, lean deli slices (2 oz)
Hot chocolate milk, low fat (6 fluid ounces [fl oz])
Kiwifruit, raw (2 medium)
Mandarin oranges, canned in juice (1 C)
Mixed berries (1 C) and yogurt, lite (¼ C)
Nectarine, raw (1½ medium)
Orange, raw (1½ medium)
Papaya, raw (1 medium)
Peach, raw (2 medium)
Peach, sliced (1 fresh) and cottage cheese, low fat (¼ C)
Peaches, canned in juice (1 C)
Peaches or pears, canned in juice (½ C) and cottage cheese, low fat (¼ C)
Peanut butter (1 Tbsp)
Peanuts (2 Tbsp)
Pear, raw (1 medium)
Pears, canned in juice (1 C)
Pecans halves (2 Tbsp)
Pineapple, canned in juice (¾ C)
Pineapple, raw pieces (1 C)
Pineapple, raw pieces (½ C) and cottage cheese, low fat (¼ C)
Plantain, cooked without fat (½ C)
Plum, raw (3 medium)
Pomegranate, raw (1 medium)
Popcorn, low fat, microwave style (3 C)
Popcorn, white cheddar, reduced fat (2 C)
Pretzels (1 oz)
Prunes, dried (5 each)
Prunes, stewed (½ C)
Pudding, sugar free (½ C)
Raisin bread (1 slice) and margarine, lite, trans-fat free (1 tsp)
Raisins, dried (¼ C)
Raisins (2 Tbsp) and peanuts (1 Tbsp)
Raspberries, raw (1½ C)
Rice cake (1 each), lite cream cheese (1 Tbsp), and apple butter (1 Tbsp)
Sandwich cookies (2 each)
Shrimp, boiled (10 large) and cocktail sauce (2 Tbsp)
Strawberries, raw (2 C)
Sunflower seeds, hulled (2 Tbsp)
Sunflower seeds (1 Tbsp) and raisins (2 Tbsp)
Three-bean salad, canned (½ C)
Turkey breast, deli slices (3 oz)
Turkey breast (1 oz) wrapped in corn or flour tortilla (1 oz)
Vegetable or tomato juice (1 C) and rice cake (1 each)
Vegetable soup (1 C)
Veggie “chicken” nuggets (2 each) and ketchup (2 Tbsp)
Walnuts (2 Tbsp)
Watermelon, raw pieces (2 C)
Wheat crackers (about 1 oz, see label)
Wheat crackers (4 each) and soy cheese (1 slice)
Yogurt, sugar sweetened, fat free (4 oz/½ C)
Yogurt, lite, artificially sweetened, fat free (8 oz/1 C)
Yogurt, lite (½ C) and almonds, slivered (2 Tbsp)
Yogurt, lite (½ C) and bran cereal (½ C)

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  1. Georgia Sandor Avatar
    Georgia Sandor

    Thank you for compiling this list of 100 calorie snacks. Being prepared to snack by having these foods on hand is helpful. Maybe make up several to keep in the frig for an afternoon treat.

    1. Yes that would be great so you always have them handy 🙂

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