Local Eats

Trying to stay healthy? Eating out can be challenging but not impossible! We’ve done the homework for you and found healthier menu options when eating out. You can also check our restaurant reviews on Yelp 



I had the pleasure of meeting Canon’s owner, Clay Nutting, last week as we were looking for a delicious and healthy restaurant for a night out. They had so many healthy options that we needed a bigger appetite to try all their dishes, but we did a pretty good job trying. All their plates are … Continue reading Canon

Nekter Juice Bar

Made a quick stop at Nekter to checkout their menu and found a few options which I would recommend.  Service and ambience: The girl who took my order was very cordial and knowledgeable about all the menu selection. The ambience is very casual, where you can enjoy your drink either indoors or on their outstood … Continue reading Nekter Juice Bar