Hooray for healthier pizza! You don’t have to settle for salad when looking for healthy alternatives while eating out. PizzaRev is one of my family’s favorite place. It’s perfect for us because we all have different dietary preferences and so we each craft our own pizza. Guests are empowered to fully customize a personal-sized 11″ pizza for one price (unlimited veggies!). Homemade dough options, flavorful sauces, all-natural cheeses, and more than 30 artisanal toppings, everything is on display at PizzaRev and crafted right before your eyes. The pizzas are then fired in a 900-degree, stone-bed oven which produces a crispy Roman-style pizza in just three minutes. 

Which healthy options do they offer?

Beyond Meat Plant-based protein, Daiya non-dairy cheese, CawliPower pizza crust and gluten-free crust plus unlimited veggie toppings.

Here are my top picks based on superfood ingredients and close to 500 kcals each:

Pre Made #1: High Protein, Low Cal Pizza

Margherita – Roman thin crust, organic tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, topped with fresh basil (after baking) 

–           490 calories

–           22 grams of protein

–           Add chicken 13 grams of protein

Pre Made: Craft Your Own

Crust: Roman thin is the lowest in calories (250 per serving) but they also offer gluten-free (360 kcals) or my favorite is their CawliPower crust which is also gluten-free and nutrient-dense (510 kcals).

Sauce: plain organic tomato or spicy tomato (35 kcal) both vegan options

Cheese: my favorite is feta (80 kcal) not focusing on the calories but because most people who are sensitive to dairy, can tolerate feta cheese given it has lower lactose content. Another alternative is Daiya vegan cheese.

TOPPINGS: mostly all veggies, and no additional cost!  If you are going for the meats opt for only one or two, mainly grilled chicken, anchovies, smoked ham, beef meatballs or vegan sausage. 

They also offer kids meals, which is a smaller pizza crust also customizable. 

Mediterranean Salad

Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, black olives, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, pepperoncini and basil balsamic

–           280 calories (including dressing)

–           Fiber from Romaine, artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes 

Watch our full segment on Fox40, Studio40 Live show: https://fox40.com/2019/11/12/pizzarev-2/

There are 3 locations in the Sacramento area, two in Sacramento and one in Citrus Heights.  For their full menu, checkout their website: https://pizzarev.com

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