Grilled seafood gem! The menu created by Executive Chef and owner Minnie Nguyen and head chef F.J. Villalobos is ideal for anyone who is looking for healthy variety when eating out. They have a set menu but they also offer weekly Chef’s specials, so you can find a variety of healthy and delicious meals every week. Here are my top picks:

Station 16 Menu – Summer 2019


  • Lettuce wraps (Gluten-free, carb friendly)
  • Vegan wraps (vegan, gluten-free)


  • Anything from the grill (salmon, shrimp, cod, seabass, scallops, chicken or steak) with a side of brown rice and mixed greens àa plus, all their salad dressings are gluten-free and they do not add flour to any of their grilled dishes


  • Impossible burger (vegan)

Checkout our segment at Fox40, Studio40 Live (click picture below):

Talk to your sever if you have any food allergies and they will try their best to accommodate. For their full menu, checkout their website:

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